Pieter J. Van Garderen is the founder of Artefactual Systems and the Archivematica and AtoM software projects.

These tools are used to manage the discoverability, re-usability, and trustworthiness of digital information objects at hundreds of organizations worldwide. Artefactual Systems is the lead developer for these free and open source applications.

Pieter launched Artefactual Systems in 2001 to provide recordkeeping technology services and has worked since then with major memory institutions worldwide to implement enterprise archival systems and records management policies. He has been a regular speaker on these topics.

Pieter was recognized for this work with a Distinguished Alumnus designation by the University of British Columbia’s iSchool program, the youngest recipient to date. He worked at UBC’s iSchool as an Adjunct Professor (1999-2004) and as the Project Coordinator for International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES Project) (1998-2000). He also holds a Certificate in Software Engineering (2001) from UBC.

Pieter stepped aside as Artefactual Systems president and returned to work as an independent consultant and researcher in 2014. Ensuring universal access to permanent collections of authentic information is his passion.